Thank You, Hans Sama LMHT

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Thank You, Hans Sama
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48 thoughts on “Thank You, Hans Sama LMHT

  1. Mahé Baigue says:

    Love You Hans , a year as passed its doesn't get as you expect sorry for you . Time to come back in EUW ! ( And thanks you TL for taking care of Steven )

  2. OneWingedRose says:

    He seems like a really cool guy and he really is very skilled. I hope the next team that picks him up is able to bring out his full potential and play with him in a way that gets the team the results it wants. Good luck Hans and ty for playing!

    In other news… does this mean Doublelift? o_O

  3. Cristian Munoz says:

    I think the problem was bjerg and not Han. Bjerg was the most subpar player out of them. He wasn’t bad, but the standard tl put up bjerg could not reach even in his best games. I really wanted this botlane to workout. And bwipo was insane whenever he was given the chance.

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