Alice gameplay 2022 |Mlbb ;) #shorts #mlbb #alice LMHT

CHào mừng anh em đến với Alice gameplay 2022 |Mlbb 😉 #shorts #mlbb #alice

HELLO LOL THIS IS THE TOP G BACK AND THIS IS ALICE GAMEPLAY 2022 XD anyways lol when I first started playing was a lil bit before the first project next update lol maybe like a month or 2 lol and yeah when the project next update release I was loving the new hero but then I first used Alice lol and I’m ngl I feeded a ton lol so I decided I won’t use her again lol but then one day I saw a guy on yt doing really well with her so I watched k guide and went straight to rank lol and got a winning streak lol and Alice 2022 legit took me straight from master to grandmaster rank lol so yeah she is definitely one of my favorite hero to use xd anyways Alice ml is cool and ur cooler so have an AMAZING day and bye lol

btw what does offlane mean if ur reading this lmao

no build unu

#shorts #mlbb #alice
Anh em đang xem bài Alice gameplay 2022 |Mlbb 😉 #shorts #mlbb #alice từ chuyên mục
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Anh em đừng quên từ khóa update lmht là từ dùng để tìm kiếm cho bài viết Alice gameplay 2022 |Mlbb 😉 #shorts #mlbb #alice này nhé.

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